Cold Brew

There's a few ways that you can achieve the most delicious cold brew! Follow along to see different ways to create this.

Cold brew using a french press

1. grind

Use a course ground coffee that looks like sea salt. 

2. add to press

Use twice as much coffee as water. We recommend 4 tbsp. per 6 oz./177 mL of water.

3. brew

Let your coffee brew for 4 minutes, and then push the plunger down.

4. pour over ice

Pour your coffee over the ice. As the ice melts, it dilutes the coffee to balance it perfectly.

5. customize

Add ice cream, your favourite syrup, or a delicious topping.

6. enjoy

This is a sure way to beat the heat but still enjoy your coffee. Invite some friends over to join you, or just enjoy it by yourself.

cold brew pitcher

You can purchase pitchers designed for cold brew! The specifics on how much coffee to water will depend on the pitcher you buy, so look for a 'how to' in your packaging. 

1. grind

Use a coarse ground coffee that looks like sea salt.

2. add to pitcher

Insert approx. 1 cup of the grounds into the pitcher.

3. pour water

Slowly pour approx. 1.2 L of water down the funnel, over the grounds. This again will depend on size of the pitcher.

4. place in fridge

Place lid on your pitcher and put in the fridge. We advise leaving for 18-24 hours, but this is really preference. 

5. serve

To serve, remove the infuser holding the grounds. Then place your lid back on and serve!

6. customize & enjoy

Add your favourite milk (or milk substitute), add ice, syrups, etc. Make it your own!