Pour Over

1. measure & boil

Boil 6 oz./177 mL of water per cup of coffee.

2. pre-moisten filter

Rinse your paper filter with hot water. Discard the water. (if you have a reusable/stainless steel filter skip this step)

3. grind & measure

Use a fine grind (like granulated sugar) for paper filter. Medium grind for stainless steel filter. Use 2 tbsp. of coffee per 6 oz./177 mL of water.

4. pour & pause

Using water just off the boil, slowly fill cone (in a circular motion) halfway to saturate the grounds. Let bloom for 10 seconds allowing the coffee to hydrate evenly. 

5. filter

Wait until the water has fully filtered through the grinds and has stopped dripping.

6. enjoy

Pour yourself a heaping cup of delicious brew, or share with a friend! Either way, you are sure to love this brew.