Espresso Yourself

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If you've just purchased an espresso maker and don't know where to start, or just simply love espresso beans, this sample pack is for you! In this pack we've put together all of our espresso beans from Rolling Hills Coffee so that you can get started on all of your latte dreams!

In this pack:

  • Italian Espresso (100 g)
  • French Espresso (100 g)
  • Decaf French Espresso (100 g)

Why choose us?

make a great brew at home

At Rolling Hills Coffee, our mission is to make sure that you have a delicious cup of coffee every time! The main reason people don't enjoy their coffee is the lack of knowledge on how to brew correctly.

High quality beans

Every Coffee Unique

We want every coffee you try at Rolling Hills Coffee to be a unique experience! That's why every coffee we sell has its own different flavour profile.